Boys do cry


The theme of this collection is toxic masculinity and the stereotypes about men in society. The aim of this collection was to explore how a societal issue, in this case, the perception of men, can be translated into a menswear collection supporting the emotional side of men. The collection itself resulted in a masculine shape but breaking the comfort zone of men with floral motives, glitter, more feminine and soft colors. 

The fabrics from the collection are bought in secondhand stores and fabric stores selling deadstock material. Deadstock fabrics are fabrics from past season collections that are not used anymore or there is some leftover. Same goes for the yarns in the knitwear pieces.

FAMALE tells stories through prints, knitwear and photography. Original prints for Boys Do Cry were made in a collaboration with a MUA, stylist, and photographer Mischel Warenits. Inspired by Frank Ocean.

Source MBFPW