Fashion weak


The latest collection was inspired by misfits, by outsiders who do not fit into the system and go against “the norm”.
It represents my personal experience in the fashion world since I started my brand, what I see around me in the streets of Bratislava. I am more fascinated with the outskirts, the dirty parts, with trash and graffiti walls. The parts you would not like to see as a tourist. RAW AND REAL.

We, outsiders, prefer to be hidden compared to the posh side of the city and its people who yearn to be seen and talked about. This is translated into the fabric choice. For example, a knit with holes as if the fabric had cigarette burns. The looks represent a punk in a corporate world, who feels the pressure to fit in, to have a proper job. In my designs, I like to combine streetwear with tailoring.

The wordplay “fashion weak” invites you to reevaluate your perception of fashion. The collection name is also printed on a t-shirt balaclava inspired by graffiti artists who tie it that way in order to hide their identity.