Such a waste


“Just because it´s the new season, is it more valuable than the season before it?” - Virgil Abloh

This collection is an introspective retrospective analysis of my identity. I made the collection from fabrics from my previous collections. They represent my design DNA. In the concept, I wanted to point out how much waste we create as designers and how it can create something new and exciting.

Designwise I wanted to capture the zeitgeist of my generation, the essence of young people today. You can see hip hop references from the 90s, elements mixing streetwear with tailoring as a reference to young adults transitioning into adult life, mixing materials such as jersey with poplin or knit with sweatshirt-fleece as a reference to DIY trend.

Each piece in the collection is unique because I mostly use deadstock material. The knitwear pieces were made in the Czech Republic and the collection was manufactured in Slovakia to support local production. 


Shot by WELIN